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Video 7: Nuclear and Electricity Markets  | Inventions #33-35

This video explains how all of the inventions from Video 1 to Video 7 come together to form an electricity market.  There are three basic "economic agents" whose behavior determine the prices of electricity markets.  The behavior of these agents is determined by their marginal costs which will determine their willingness to pay (WTP).  Their WTP sets market clearing prices which will determine costs to consumers and then revenue to generators.

  • Economic Agent #1 Bi-directional Power Plants:  Nuclear heated bi-directional power plants are envisioned to switch between electricity supply and electricity demand (electrolysis)
  • Economic Agent #2 Hybrid Heat Pumps/Furnaces:  Low temperature heat is envisioned to be provided by heat pumps most of the time with the ability to switch to hydrogen (or ammonia) combustion
  • Economic Agent #3 Plug-In (Solid Oxide) Fuel Cell Hybrids: ​Electric transportation can be fueled by the grid or by hydrogen (or methanol) based upon price.  Hybridization also provides grid reliability.

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