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Peer reviewed and Published in Clean Energy: Hourly Modelling of Thermal Hydrogen Electricity Markets

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Video 4: Pipelines I: Industrial Heat and Retro-fits | Inventions #21-25

In Video 4, it is explained how high-temperature industrial processes can be made emissions free without "Carbon Capture".  This is made possible by either using hydrogen reformed from the Thermal Hydrogen Pipeline system or bi-directional solid oxide fuel cells, and molten carbonate fuel cells.


  • ​An explanation of how Thermal Hydrogen pipelines can produce cheap, reformed hydrogen. 
  • How solid oxide fuel cells can operate in forward and reverse to produce (waste) heat.
  • An explanation of how molten carbonate fuel cells perform carbon capture.

Featured articles in IMPAKTER the American Coal Magazine and presentation to the National Coal Council

Peer reviewed in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy:  Thermal Hydrogen: An Emissions Free, Hydrocarbon Economy