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Feature article in the American Coal Magazine and presentation to the National Coal Council

Thermal Hydrogen Invention Drive & Video Series

Peer reviewed in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy:  Thermal Hydrogen: An Emissions Free, Hydrocarbon Economy

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Video 4: Pipelines I: Industrial Heat and Retro-fits | Inventions #21-25

In Video 4, it is explained how high-temperature industrial processes can be made emissions free without "Carbon Capture".  This is made possible by either using hydrogen reformed from the Thermal Hydrogen Pipeline system or bi-directional solid oxide fuel cells, and molten carbonate fuel cells.


  • ​An explanation of how Thermal Hydrogen pipelines can produce cheap, reformed hydrogen. 
  • How solid oxide fuel cells can operate in forward and reverse to produce (waste) heat.
  • An explanation of how molten carbonate fuel cells perform carbon capture.

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