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Video 1: Bi-Directional Power Plants | Inventions #1-6

In Video 1, the foundational inventions of Thermal Hydrogen (those which make up the bi-directional power plant) are introduced.  The turbine of this power plant is fueled by what is presumed to be the cheapest source of heat, nuclear. When electricity is oversupplied (by renewables), the nuclear reactor provides heat for heat assisted electrolysis.  The pure oxygen produced by electrolysis is presumed to be used for fossil fuels.


  • ​The imbalance of electricity supply on a seasonal basis (esp. with renewables) is explained.
  • It is explained how CO2 heat-assisted electrolysis improves efficiency and economics.
  • Methods for utilizing solar energy as well as fossil energy en lieu of nuclear are explained.

Peer reviewed and Published in Clean Energy: Hourly Modelling of Thermal Hydrogen Electricity Markets

Peer reviewed in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy:  Thermal Hydrogen: An Emissions Free, Hydrocarbon Economy