Peer reviewed in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy:  Thermal Hydrogen: An Emissions Free, Hydrocarbon Economy

Introduction Video:  

The introduction video is lengthy and provides an overview of Thermal Hydrogen, the purpose of the GoFundMe, and the implementation plan for Thermal Hydrogen.  No inventions are introduced.


  • ​The basics of combustion (with atmospheric oxygen or pure oxygen) are explained.
  • ​An electrolysis experiment showing combustion of hydrocarbons and pure oxygen.
  • ​A thermodynamic explanation of the broader system (i.e. friction for improved compression).
  • An implementation plan and a modeling and patent team are introduced.
  • A review of progress made on a patent so far, as well as a review of the current "consensus".
  • The stage (a 3-D model of the economy) and a schedule of the invention drive are previewed.

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Table of Contents

Featured articles in IMPAKTER the American Coal Magazine and presentation to the National Coal Council

Peer reviewed and Published in Clean Energy: Hourly Modelling of Thermal Hydrogen Electricity Markets