Peer reviewed in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy:  Thermal Hydrogen: An Emissions Free, Hydrocarbon Economy

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Peer reviewed and Published in Clean Energy: Hourly Modelling of Thermal Hydrogen Electricity Markets

Featured articles in IMPAKTER the American Coal Magazine and presentation to the National Coal Council

Home:  This is the central website for the Thermal Hydrogen Industries and the Thermal Hydrogen Video Series.  Below is a table of contents to help navigate the video series.  The video series explains the inventions of Thermal Hydrogen.  The energy concept has been peer reviewed  (see above), and the business strategy for the parent company was featured in an article here.

The premise of Thermal Hydrogen is that we can improve fossil fuels and make it emissions free through teamwork among all suppliers.  By storing excess renewable and nuclear energy through heat-assisted electrolysis (splitting water or CO2), a chemical energy carrier (H2/CO) and pure oxygen are created.  This oxygen differs from atmospheric oxygen because it is not diluted with nitrogen.  By never allowing nitrogen to dilute oxidation, the cost of sequestering CO2 can be reduced by 90% by pre-empting the need for "Carbon Capture".  Pure oxygen and fossil fuels are also reformed into pumpable, easy to distribute hydrogen carriers, thus not only solving the hydrogen distribution problem, but improving the current distribution system.